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Helping farmers achieve maximum crop yield.
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Registration - USA; Based - Nigeria
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Good Health and Well-being

About the Startup:

Did you know that inaccurate farming decisions are causing crop yield losses of up to 85% in Africa? AirSmat wants to change this in a sustainable way, enabling farmers to have better yields because they’re making better decisions faster based on analytics. By inputting quality data from drone, satellite, soil-level data and IoT sensors.  We are transforming the way farmers collect, manage, and interpret farm data, which gives them better yields.

Business Stage:


Management Team:

1. Soji Sanyaolu - Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer - Provides leadership as the CEO; He is responsible for AirSmat vision, execution and GO-TO market strategy.

2. Adeoluwa Ibikunle - Co-founder & Chief Technology Officer - Currently, working on AirSmat App development. He leads the team on AirSmat technology.

3. Evidence Osikhena - Co-founder & Chief Solution Architect - Currently working on all the API and backend infrastructure of AirSmat App development.

4. Olasunkanmi Alabi – Chief Commercial Officer & Senior Vice President, Sales – Currently lead the sales and commercial team; He is responsible for driving adoption of our AgTech solution in the marketplace.

5. Uche Olukoju – Chief Product Officer & Vice President, Product Development - She is responsible for product development of our AgTech solution in the marketplace

6. Oladapo Obilade – Vice President, Business Operation - He leads the business operations team.

Problem and Opportunity:

African farmers have poor crop yields because 85% of farmers use guess work. In Nigeria, tomato yields is 5.47 tonne/ha relative to the world average yield of 38.1 tonne/ha due to inaccurate farm data, which is less than 15% of the world’s average.

What makes our startup unique?

Quality farm data and AI backed recommendation.

Our go-to-market plan:

Through farming communities and cooperatives.

Both physically and digitally.

Traction & Milestones:

- Access to 12 million rice and wheat growers in Nigeria

- Recently launched Partnership with Sterling bank in Nigeria to help farmers with evaluation and monitoring

- We have Paying customers in Nigeria and are ready to scale.




$1.5 million