Transforming the way people travel.
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Incorporated in UK. Based in Spain / Netherlands
Founded in:
Focus Area:
Decent Work and Economic Growth

About the Startup:

CircleHome is a platform that allows everyone to travel without paying for accommodation, swapping their homes. We change the way people travel by making it affordable, usual and sustainable.
CircleHome is a community of people that love to travel and believe that there is a better way to do it. We help create a world where you can truly belong anywhere and where travelling becomes the norm, not the exception.
Our platform was officially launched in November and we already have many active users (mainly in Europe) with extremely positive feedback.

Business Stage:

Initial revenue.

Management Team:

David Liria: IQS and ESSEC graduate, with several scholar awards (BetaGammaSigma). Also worked at KPMG consulting.

Xavier Lloveras: IQS graduate, former professional racing driver with experience in data analysis.

We are both fanatics of traveling, and the reason why we are so passionate about this project is because we have experienced first hand the power of home swapping. We met 6 years ago, and we have worked together since then.

Problem and Opportunity:

Travelling is expensive, and that makes 70% of people not able to travel as much as they want.
CircleHome eliminates 65% of a trip's cost, by making accommodation free and unlocking unlimited travel for everyone.

CircleHome changes the concept of travelling, making it something that you can enjoy regularly. With CircleHome, if you have a home, you have a home everywhere in the world.

What makes our startup unique?

Team + Timing.

Travel is in our blood. That is the reason why we started this journey. We have a clear mission and now we have a roadmap to get there.

Timing is also a key factor. A shift in travel patterns is happening in front of us and there is no one capitulating on it. We are the new way to travel.

Go-to-market plan:

3 main acquisition strategies:

- B2B2C: partnership program with entities of all kinds (hospitals, lawyer associations, etc) to bring CircleHome to new audiences with 0€ of CAC. Tested during our pilot with great results - 60k potential users in 1 month.

-Paid acquisition: Our very solid finances allow us to do paid acquisition from the very begginig. CAC of 60€, with a first payment from the user of 100€ and LTV of +650€.

- Organic: very common in the industry and very related to the high retention in this type of platforms.

Traction & Milestones:

Officially launched our platform the 28th of October. First users report amazing feedback. Most of them in Europe.

On track to already make revenue on December.


Bootstrapped + SBC investment.


300.000€ - End of December / Early January