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Incorporated in the United States, currently based in Singapore
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Decent Work and Economic Growth

About the Startup:

Greenbros is a green finance startup providing data on core ESG metrics for retail and institutional investors to power sustainable investment decisions. The Greenbros dashboard dashboard includes a dashboard ranking companies based on ESG materiality, a stock screener based on 27 core ESG metrics, and an impact calculator. Unlike other ESG data companies, Greenbros focuses on ESG materiality, which is important when investors assess long-term risk-adjusted returns. With the Greenbros dashboard, institutional investors can (1) create and monitor the ESG performance of sustainable funds; and (2) encourage their retail investors to invest more greenly using data-driven insights.

Business Stage:


Management Team:

Hanish is the CEO of Greenbros and he manages product development, while Rui Yang, the CTO manages the technical development of the dashboard. The co-founders of Greenbros have a combined experience in product development along with ESG domain knowledge and a huge passion for sustainability.

Problem and Opportunity:

When Hanish and Rui Yang first started investing in their early 20s, they were trying to invest with sustainability in mind but were unable to get all the ESG information in a transparent and efficient way. Indeed, a study by MIT found that the correlation between the six major ESG rating agencies, including MSCI and Refinitiv, is a low 0.61. They knew that they had to come up with a solution that provides transparent ESG data. Not all ESG data, however, are material. ESG factors vary based on the risks and opportunities of each industry. With the Greenbros dashboard, links between a company's ESG practices and financial performance can be established. Institutional investors can apply a more critical lens to assess ESG materiality on the risk and returns of their portfolios.

What makes our startup unique?

Unlike other ESG data companies, Greenbros focuses on ESG materiality, which is important when investors assess long-term risk-adjusted returns. This is Greenbros' key differentiating factor.

Go-to-market plan:

The Greenbros dashboard is subscription-based. As a plug-and-play solution, institutional investors can access ESG data and insights through our APIs. For specific clients, the Greenbros dashboard can be customized.

Traction & Milestones:

The Greenbros dashboard has been validated with one of the big banks in Amsterdam along with OCBC and CIMB Bank in Singapore and Greenbros is planning pilot programs with these institutional investors.


35k EURO


Greenbros is looking to raise 500 thousand euros, which will be used to develop the dashboard and learn from our first pilot clients so that we can tweak the product and onboard 10 customers to reach 100,000 monthly recurring revenue by 2024.