Pet food made for animals, not from.
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Founded in:
Focus Area:
Responsible Consumption and Production

About the Startup:

ONIST is disrupting the pet food industry, leading the change for reducing the industry’s impact. With our company owned formula and in-house operation, we are able to develop our first dog food that is 100% plant-based and regenerative. Our vision is to provide pet parents with all the necessary products to raise healthy, climate PAW-sitive, and animal friendly pets. We achieve this by being the most convenient, healthy, and sustainable option.

Business Stage:

Developing MVP

Management Team:

Both founders met at hospitality and business university, Hotelschool The Hague. They have been working together on many different business projects during their 3-year study, and became a seasoned team - going beyond and above to make every project succeed. They have experience in product & business development, customer success, and online marketing.

Problem and Opportunity:

The pet food industry is responsible for 20% of the global meat production, causing over 106 million tonnes of CO2 every year. Studies have shown that plant-based proteins have greater impact on capital employed than other decarbonization levers in all other sectors. Considering dogs thrive on plant-based food, and the demand for alternative proteins continues to increase, there are just a few companies able to meet this market need. Therefore, this presents a unique window to enter this up-and-coming market now.

What makes our startup unique?

We have developed our recipe in-house, and will produce it ourselves, which allows us to fully control the development process and be agile to market changes. Moreover, we are a seasoned team that is experienced in both Marketing and Business & Product Development, we are determined turning this opportunity into a success.

Our go-to-market plan:

We start by targeting the vegan consumer, as our experiments shows that they are a guaranteed buyer of this type of product. Further down the road, we expand our audience, focusing on eco-conscious millennial pet parents. We start in the Netherlands with our own webshop and a few strategic (vegan) pet food distributers and zero-waste stores. This is soon followed by expanding abroad, as well as other pet food retailers.

Traction & Milestones:

We are backed by Startupbootcamp and Moshi Investments, core business concept validated through 50+ in-depth interviews and 100+ survey respondents,10 ongoing partner negotiations and closing 2 partnership agreements, +1000 accumulating social following, collaborating with former Mars Pet Care nutritionist.


Total of 30K (2x 15K) in equity


200K starting January 2023