The sustainable raw materials sourcing platform.
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Founded in:
Focus Area:
Responsible Consumption and Production

About the Startup: is a custom software using AI and earth satellite observation powered tools for the battery industry players who want to improve sustainability along their sourcing and extraction of raw materials supply chain.

Business Stage:

Pilot stage.

Management Team:

Thibaud Pradal: 8+ years experience at several finance & development positions in large MNCs across 3 different countries. Impact driven.

Victorien Delangue: 3+ years experience at several technical and sales positions for renewable energy startups in Asia and Africa. Impact driven.

Maxime Caitucoli: 3+ years experience as a data scientist for energy saving models companies using ML. Impact driven.

Problem and Opportunity:

Need: Visibility and guarantee/trust on raw materials sourcing conditions (social, environmental and health impacts). Need for improved sustainability.

Problem: Stricter EU regulations and increased awareness of final customers about ESGs impacts  of raw materials  supply chains.

Opportunity: A tool that helps the industry player to track and communicate around the ESG impacts of their raw materials sourcing.

What makes our startup unique?

Independent, data driven, visualization oriented, vision.

Go-to-market plan:

We start with a first pilot project with European mining industry players that are first movers on sustainability and innovation. After that we will have a first version to sell to battery manufacturer over Europe and US. `Then become the raw materials sourcing platform in any industry.

Traction & Milestones:

Commitment from mining companies for a pilot project agreement early 2023.


25k public grant + Angel & SBC


32K Q4 2022