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Circular Marketplace & Community
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The community driving the circular transformation

Eco is a startup building the first and largest global circular community.

To achieve this mission, ECo has designed a community platform, called #NOTanotherMARKETPLACE , that redefines how individuals, businesses and all members of the community connect, exchange knowledge/products/services and engage to accelerate the adoption of sustainable and circular models.

The platform creates value for the community in three ways:

1. Connects - we provide to the community a platform that facilitates the matching among interests and values. Individuals can easily access the knowledge they need to embrace a sustainable lifestyle and discover products and brands that match their values. Businesses, instead, can connect with a targeted community and boost their growth at no cost. ECo, here, acts as an intermediary, guaranteeing transparency and accessibility of information.

2. Engages - through our proprietary gamification model, we incentivise engagement among the community members. The ECo reward model gives businesses a tool to receive the support they need from the community (from social media growth to product development co-creation) at no cost. On the other hand, individuals are rewarded for this support with credits (ECo Coins) that they can spend on the platform to get discounts or support non-profit organisations.

3. Extended Platform Responsibility - By leveraging on the data acquired through the platform, the community engagement and the infrastructure of the ECo brand partners, distributed across all geographies, we activate circular services for our community.

2 Co-founders

• Strong Team with solid and multidisciplinary skills

• Highly skilled Entrepreneurs and C-Levels Advisors

• Founders have known each other and worked together for a long time


• Customer growth stage

• Working with aa large bank (plus 130 partners)

• Community of > 15K people across Europe


• Bootstrapped with 25K and potential 150K fund in the pipeline

Biggest Challenge

• De-risk growth and structure  expansion strategy 

• Build network with mentors and experts

• Strategic Partnerships