2 Co-founders


Founding Year:
Carbon Reduction and Decarbonization
One Liner
Solve all your sustainability needs in one place.

About the Startup:

At Ecofye, we are developing the first platform that rates the ESG performance of medium and large companies. Providing autonomous and personalised sustainability solutions and carbon footprint calculations. Our algorithm analyses companies' entire value chain based on 3 criteria: carbon emissions, circular economy and social impact.

We adopted a freemium model where any company can sign up and get an ESG score. To develop the beta version, we were funded by an Innovate UK grant and won a sustainability award with Lamborghini which secured a pilot project with them. We launched in June and onboarded 20 users of which 4 are premium.

Problem and Opportunity:

Medium and large companies represent 50% of business emissions in the UK. Yet, 98% of theses companies are unable to effectively implement impactful changes. Our platform allows companies to reduce emissions by 20% on average and improve their score across various sustainability standards.

What makes our startup unique?

We provide a simpler, faster and cheaper approach for medium and large companies to achieve their ESG targets.

Go-to-market plan:

We plan to expand our user base through financial institutions and industry associations.

Traction & Milestones:

To develop our beta version, we were funded by a Innovate UK grant. We won the Lamborghini future FAB award which resulted in a pilot project with them. We have onboarded 20 users since our launch in June this year with 4 being premium users.

Management Team:

Our team holds the perfect mix of climate, business and technical expertise.The founding team hold a masters in Climate Change, Management and Finance.  

Daniela has experience working on social impact projects. She fundraised and coordinated the construction of 70 houses for an indigenous community affected by the 2017 earthquake in Mexico City.  

Tiago is an expert in carbon markets and has worked in supply chain optimisation. The team and advisors come from companies such as Cisco, Lamborghini and Google.


mid 2022 - £600K

2 Co-founders

Team: 2 full time, 3 part time

Biggest Challenges

• Team structure

• Strategic partnerships

• Expand user base

£80k in grant
Business Stage