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Carbon Reduction and Decarbonization
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Ecofye helps companies understand their environmental risks and opportunities through analysing the entire value chain, and also creates a tailored strategy for a long-term competitive advantage.

Ecofye is a green technology company that recently launched Ecofye+, a ground-breaking platform that will provide companies of all sizes with accessible cross-industry sustainability solutions. Ecofye received £80K from Innovate UK in 2020 for the development of Ecofye+.

Ecofye+ allows companies to understand their strengths and weaknesses across their value chain, identify high emissions areas, and access a set of tailored solutions to improve practices in these areas. The platform enabled Lamborghini, Ecofye+'s first beta tester, to measure their emissions across their supply chain, including areas they previously could not calculate such as Scope 3 business travel.

Ecofye+ solves the currently unmet global need for an end-to-end platform that enables businesses to assess their sustainability, measure their carbon footprint, and get tailored sustainability improvement solutions and tasks in one go. Users are able to understand their emissions and offset them directly through Ecofye’s carbon credit partners.

Ecofye+’s unique algorithm decodes current sustainability databases to perform automated quantitative and qualitative analyses. As a secondary market, Ecofye is currently in talks with banks and insurance companies such as Apollo 1969 to implement the 360 Assessment into the underwriting process to better identify upcoming climate change regulations and physical risks.

Ecofye will start the development of a new feature focused on transforming business waste into goods by achieving maximum efficiency of resources in any industry. It will allow transparent interactions between companies creating a closed-loop in the economic system.

2 Co-founders

• Founders know each other well from studies


• MVP launched with 4 paying clients

• 4k/m revenue.

• 80k in grants and potential additional 500k in grants

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