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For Purpose Jobs

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Sustainable Jobs Marketplace
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We are the jobs platform for companies that solve climate change & social injustice.

We are the jobs platform dedicated to companies that solve climate change & social injustice. We’re like an ethical Indeed. A recruitment site where every listing is a job that makes the world a better place.

There’s this misconception that to fight climate change or social injustice, one has to be an ecologist, an activist, or a sustainability specialist. We call this the ethical imposter syndrome. Thousands of companies are working to solve climate and social issues, and they need the same kind of teams as any other businesses. People in HR, customer services, marketing or sales can also use their skills & experience to contribute towards a bigger goal, by working for an impact-driven employer.

We make it easy for people who want purpose from their work to find good jobs in social impact & sustainability companies, and help purposeful employers to find good people.

2 Co-founders

• Strong enthusiastic team of femalea founders and advisors

• Previous experience in startup


• Beta stage

• >30k engaged users on beta platform in less than 12 months

• 4k jobs listed. 

• Bootstrapped

Biggest Challenge

• Raise investment

• Strategic partners

• International expansion