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Know Your Food

Founding Year:
Shopping Behaviour
One Liner
Making sustainable diets easy & rewarding.

About the Startup:

We provide easy to understand, important and actionable sustainability information for consumers. Using our service to plan their groceries consumers will collect points through more sustainable swaps and goals.

This becomes the source of information which will convert to instant sustainable consumer insights for the retailers and food brands (almost like Honey, but for sustainability).

Problem and Opportunity:

There is a growing anxiety about wanting to live a more sustainable and healthy life to protect the Earth, but feeling overwhelmed by the lack of support to do so.

There’s a 51 percentage point gap between those who want to live sustainably, but don’t and 1/3rd say they don’t know how to bridge that gap.We are building a sustainable food consumers' community. In the most pessimistic scenario, we estimate to penetrate 5,5% of the total sustainably active consumer market (groceries) in EU and UK. Which brings us to the 2M users base. Moreover, more than 120M EUR will be shifted to more sustainable diets.

What makes our startup unique:

We are an independent third party, that does not propagate drastic changes and pushes them onto the consumers. Know Your Food believes that incremental changes that are made by a community can bring a drastic shift. Therefore, we wish to educate people and not judge them on their choices.

Go-to-market plan:

B2C - user acquisition through social media, influencer marketing and paid ads.

B2B - custom affiliate based contracts with the largest grocery retailers in Baltics & Poland.

Traction & Milestones:

In progress of negotiating affiliate partnership contracts with largest retailers in Baltics & Poland. Barbora (Maxima Group), Rimi and Iki (REWE Group).

2021 OCT - Driving waitlist and validating hypothesis

2021 DEC - Prototyping and usability testing

2022 JAN - MVP launch and user acquisition

2022 Q2 - opening of the funding round.

Management Team:

We are 3 women founders, and as a founding team we met at an Innovation Sprint late last year where we connected through the same passion to drive change. We won 1st place and decided to pursue this mission.

We have a combined experience of almost 20 years across business development, finance, growth marketing, strategy & innovation. More importantly we have thousand times more passion to launch & succeed.

Gintare - 5 years of experience in B2B partnerships with top 10 of Fortune500 companies. Started her career in startups and never looked back. Experience in the world's leading startups (3D models marketplace and cybersecurity) has made Gintare relentless for success. CEO and Co-founder at Know Your Food.

Joana - 5 years of experience in finances & product growth. Joana started her journey in the finance field, however, quickly realised that product is her passion, therefore, continued working in product centric tech startups and broadened her horizons. CPO and Co-founder and Know Your Food.

Monika - over 9 years of experience in various marketing and innovation teams across different industries. Currently Monika oversees innovations and marketing strategy at PepsiCo. Advising CMO at Know Your Food.


We plan to start the rund in early 2022. Right after we have traction in our user acquisition initiatives and partnerships. Our ask is 300k EUR for product development, marketing and staffing of the team.

3 Co-founders

Team: 3 (all founders) and 1 marketing intern.

Biggest Challenges

• Team building with right expertise

• Clean, reliable sustainability data

• Investment to build & pilot

Pre-seed (17k EUR)
400k EUR
Business Stage
Idea, but closing to the MVP stage