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2 Co-founders

Nettle TOC

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Compostable Plastic Alternatives
One Liner
We make a sustainable alternative to oil plastics

A sustainable alternative to oil plastics. The use of nettle composite reduces power consumption in the production of parts and saves the possibility of recycling. In addition, using Nettle fiber instead of glass fiber allows the composite to be processed at lower temperatures available for the standard granules for injection molding and 3D printing filament.

2 Co-founders

• Good tech & business background

• Undergone two projects together and know each for >5 yrs

• Startup experience


• MVP stage

• LOI  and current pilots with partners

• €50K in grants and 50K bootstrapped

• Product completed Chemelot Innovation & learning Lab

• Patent in progress

Biggest Challenge

• Pilot opportunities

• Team structure

• Mentorship

• Customer development