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2 Co-founders

Nettle TOC

Founding Year:
Compostable Plastic Alternatives
One Liner
Tough organic composite for sustainable future.

About the Startup:

We are a startup company of 3 woman from different backgrounds. We make composite material made out of nettle and PLA. Our material can be produced in granulate form or in filament. The granulate form can then be used in every injection molding machine to create the shape you prefer.

Problem and Opportunity:

Our technology is suitable for biopolymers and recyclable polymers such as PLA, HPA, PP and PE. Nettle fiber replaces chemically harmful additives and remains recyclable. Nettle fibers can improve strength properties, increase heat resistance, and reduce shrinkage of these polymers in a sustainable manner.

The use of nettle fiber instead of glass fiber allows the composite to be processed at lower temperatures, which reduces energy consumption in the production of parts and retains the possibility of recyclability.

What makes our startup unique:

Our material improves the strength, the heat resistance. No microplastic are in our product and it is a bioplastic.

Go-to-market plan:

We gonna produce 50 kilograms of our material. 25 kilograms in filament and 25 kilograms in granulate material.

Then we gonna attract 10 potential costumers to test our material. The demo material can be ordered on the website. Afterwords investment and grant for building a manufacture.

Traction & Milestones:

Laboratory facilities in 2022/2023 we are going to produce 1,5 tons.

2025/2027 building a demo facility for 2000 tons.

2030/2035 build manufacture for 100k tons.

Management Team:

Natalia Kuznetsova is the CEO and founder of the company and studied in Moskou at the University of Moskou and graduated with a Master Degree of Material Science.

Tatiana Dubvoskaia is the business developer and co-founder of the company. She also studied in Moskou and got a Master Degree of Innovation Management.

Delphine Rompelberg is the CTO and employee of the company and studies in Eindhoven, Netherlands for a bachelor of material science.


• 400 K - financial combination of grant money and investors with smart money for producing material, boost marketing and expand the team.

• Partners who serve the mass market

• Sell license of our technology to other composite producers

2 Co-founders

Team: The team consist out of a founder, a co-founder and one employee.

Biggest Challenges

• Pilot opportunities

• Team structure

• Mentorship

• Customer development

We got two grants from the LIOF.
We are now not raising money because we only life from the grants now.
Business Stage
MVP stage