SolarAide (ex. Shine)

2 Co-founders

SolarAide (ex. Shine)

Founding Year:
Solar Installation
One Liner
One stop platform connecting households with reliable solar installers making solar purchase easy, fast and hassle free.

About the Startup:

SolarAide operates a marketplace that educates customers about solar and connects them with reliable solar installers. Platform enables users to discover what size of installation they need, get offers from multiple installers in one place, compare them and get competent help choosing the most optimal solution.

All from one hands rather than dealing with multiple service providers. After installation is completed, solar owners on the platform can get all post installation services: additional warranties, maintenance, upgrades, demand response services, P2P trading and others.

Problem and Opportunity:

Many customers do not understand what effect solar can have on their electricity bill and what would be the payback time. Even when economics is there, long purchase process puts many potential buyers off and they decide to postpone solar purchase. On the other hand, solar installers face high customer acquisition costs due to the need to educate customers and the long sales process.

Our goal is to educate customers about solar, bring available choices to one place and make the purchase process fast and easy. We see opportunity to not only sell installation, but also provide customers services needed during the lifetime of installation.

What makes our startup unique:

Solar market is still at a very early stage and very fragmented with many players: households, installers, equipment producers, energy suppliers, banks and ancillary services providers. We are putting a technological layer to connect currently separate energy market segments to make it more efficient and convenient for the end user to get all services in one place.

While operating a marketplace we will create a network of solar owners and solar installers. Market network will enable market players to interact between themselves and get services needed in a more efficient way.

Go-to-market plan:

Currently the platform and business model is successfully tested in Lithuania.In Nov 2021 we are launching in Poland to test our product in a bigger market. Starting from more wealthy regions: Warsaw, south of Poland and adding more locations. When the marketplace is successfully launched in Poland, we aim to scale to Spain and Netherlands.

Traction & Milestones:

Launched platform in Lithuania in December 2020. Currently partnering with 8 solar installers that make about 70% installations in the Lithuanian market. So far more than 13k visitors visited our platform and over 140k EUR worth of solar installations was sold. Launching platform in Poland in Nov 2021. Planning to reach 20k EUR in monthly commissions by June 2022.

Management Team:

Jokūbas Viduto, CEO Jokūbas previously was working as energy trader in the energy group Ignitis and with product development in energytech startup Wepower. Jokūbas also has experience working with development project in the largest retail group in the Baltics.

Mantas Neviera, CTO Mantas has more than 7 years' hands-on experience in software engineering developing fault tolerant, highly loaded business-critical systems in ad-tech and financial sectors. Mantas is responsible for platform infrastructure and development.


Currently raising 200k EUR. Money will be used to launch marketplace in Poland, pilot in Spain and Netherlands and to enhance user experience by improving platforms UX/UI.

2 Co-founders

Team: 2 founders and 4 freelancers.

Biggest Challenges

• Raise investment 

• Finding the right mentors

• Pilots in Poland 

• Hiring team

15k EUR
200k EUR
Business Stage
Launched in one market, first customers and revenues. Ready to scale to other countries.