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Greener Behaviour
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Where the community votes for sustainability.

About the Startup:

Unspendr is an independent review platform that helps eco-conscious consumers on their journey to sustainable consumption. It also helps brands/retailers to bridge the gap between customer's perception and brand's sustainability intention. For this, we publish unbiased reviews on businesses from consumers and experts and we celebrate positive changes of those brands who are on their journey to more sustainable business.

Problem and Opportunity:

84% of consumers want to include sustainability criteria in their shopping routine. 91% of them find it very hard. At the same time, responsible brands and retailers believe that their sustainability value proposition is clear. But research tells us otherwise, with 53% of consumers saying they don't trust companies' sustainability claims.

Unspendr allows eco-conscious consumers guide others in their sustainability shopping journey by providing guided evaluation of the business. Also it bridges the gap between what the brand/retailer's intentions are against consumer's perception.

What makes our startup unique:

We democratise sustainability. We do not focus on complex standards and certifications, but giving voice to the community of conscious buyers, we drive consistent small change in customer consumption habits and businesses improvements.

Go-to-market plan:

Starting locally in Barcelona and Boston and focused on Food and Clothing industries, we get our first batch of content by hiring "secret sustainability shoppers". They will evaluate businesses on specific simple but robust criteria. With that content we get buy in from the stores, that would promote rating them on our site. More reviews will drive more interested businesses.

Traction & Milestones:

We beta-launched in Barcelona and Boston, signing up over 300 businesses to the platform within 1 month and getting the first batch of reviews in. We plan to get to 1000 paying stores within next 18 months.

Management Team:

We are 2 co-founders with combined over 30 years of experience in Ecommerce. Within large online corporations like Monster and Vistaprint, I launched onlines shops and built recommendation engines - I am an expert on technologies that impact our buying decision and I know we can route technology to help us to make them better.

Javid is an absolute All-star tech and AI expert, who worked in executive positions in Monster, care.com and McKinsey, recently driving high growth AI startup.


We are raising 150K Eur for the next 6 months, followed by 600K for the following 12 months.

2 Co-founders

Team: 2 co-founders

Biggest Challenges

• Expertise in sustainability practices

• Raising investment

• Mentorship for scaling and growth in sustainability space

Bootstrapped and SBC injection
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