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Shared Mobility
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WERI is the electric mobility sharing platform that drive us towards the energy transition through a sustainable game

WERI is the online sharing platform dedicated to electric mobility that allows private users and companies to choose and drive an electric car,van or scooter for hours, weeks or days without having to buy it.

Improving our plant by making us protagonists of the change towards the energy transition is our mission.

We want to create a community of Green Priders, Influencers of Sustainability. For this reason, each booking made, customers monitor the grams of CO2 saved and the contribution to the achievement of sustainability objectives, through the gamification, such as planting a tree, saving bees etc.

Based on transactional model, we apply a transaction fee for each booking made on WERI in a range between 13%-30%.

The platform is composed by the app to book, rent and unlock an EV where needed when needed and a back-office management system for companies and car dealers to better manage their fleet. For both of them, we track the quantity of CO2 saved and we convert in Green Point, necessary to achieve the  sustainable goals and the gamification.

Our target and customer segment can be identified as follows:

Drivers: private user and company that want to rent an electric vehicles instead to buy one. They see ownership as a hassle and prefer to cut the total cost of ownership renting a vehicle they need when needed for a short period (up to 3 months)

Owner: private user and business that want to share their electric vehicles, earn money from the renting.

Corporate or business customers that want to modernize their fleet and have to build a sustainability report

Private user, drivers or owners, between 25-50 years old, living in big city, medium-high education who want to rent an electric vehicle instead to buy one, or earn money from the renting.

Corporate/fleet manager, that want to modernize their fleet with electric vehicles managing them smarter and in a more efficient way, by renting the fleet, or company want to rent one instead to buy one.

Company committed to the electric transitions and need data for their sustainability report.

2 Co-founders

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